What capital gains tax is payable in the UK?

What capital gains tax is payable in the UK?

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From April 2015, non residents (individuals and companies) have to pay capital gains tax. Every person (resident or non resident) have an annual exemption for Capital Gains. This is £11,700 for tax year 2018/2019. Current capital gains tax rates for residents are 18% or 28%. Capital gains in companies are taxed as ‘corporation tax’ and forms part of its profits. The rate of corporation tax for non UK companies is 20%.Non-resident companies, if subject to ATED (please see ATED tab), will pay capital gains tax @ 28%.


UK and Non UK Residents

  • Receive annual exemption
  • Balance taxed at 18%/28%

Non UK Companies

  • No annual exemption
  • Treat as income in company
  • Charged at corporation tax rate, unless property was subject to ATED prior to sale.
Gladys Yow MacRae
Gladys Yow MacRae